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Editorial review

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jean de los santos Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 1.0
Dell dock features a basic interface which allows you to organize your applications or directories shortcuts by default or your own categories represented by Icons.
Before talking about Dell Dock, the question that came to my mind is.....Why now?
I mean, Docks were on most Mac and some PC desktops since Mac OS and Windows XP were released. How can an old fashioned dock make Vista Interface nicer?
I think that "better later than never" doesn't apply if you don't try to improve or revolutionize the original concept, don't expect either.
A poor default animation and lack of customization options are the first characteristics you will find using Dell Dock. Both animation customization and theme support are "most have" features for any dock application, even freeware.
The best example of Dell failure is Stardock own Object Dock which includes more customization options for icons behavior, themes and a fresh interface, for free.
Dell should provide a better dock option or create gadgets for Vista Sidebar that seems to be more functional than its current offer.


  • Free already installed on your computer!


  • Rollover animation is boring.
  • Lack of customization seetings
  • No preinstalled skins.
  • No Dell Exclusive content

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    KRichard 4 months ago

    It crashes about twice per year and needs a new install.

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    myron edwards 4 years ago

    I love the way you can customize the features of the dock

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    myron edwards 4 years ago
    Pros: Awesome Design
    Cons: N/A

    I love the way you can customize the features of the dock.

All comments (10)

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